My Wonderwall

How was this website born??
It was a wonderful birthday gift by Roxyto Susy back in 2004.

TANTI AUGURI SUSY!!!!!!!!!anche se un po' in ritardo questo è il mio regalo!! ti voglio un mondo di bene, la tua roxy / terry / fragolina.

The website was first online on 21/11/2004 with the name Gli avatar di Susy', and it became 'My Wonderwall' on 03/29/2006.
Here yu can see some of the past graphics.

Why My Wonderwall?

The title is inspired by my favorite Oasis Song, Wonderwall. Various theories have been offered as to the meaning of the word wonderwall. "Wonderwall" was the title of Beatle George Harrison's first solo album. And John Lennon once gave an interview where he said "Wonderwall" instead of "Wonderful".